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Exterior Painting Tips: Advice on Paint Colors.

Q: Which mistakes homeowners typically make selecting the exterior paint colors?

A: They think that an imaginative and bright color score can cost them a fortune. Of course, it can be so if you wish to have a "painted lady" consisting of really large number of colors, however that's hardly the true.

Another thing that people often do wrong is emphasizing not really important elements and parts of the house like downspouts gutters, air conditioning equipment etc.

One should also pay attention to the houses in his or her neighborhood - the chosen color scheme should look more or less suitable, otherwise the general look of all neighboring houses will be quite confusing.

Finally, let's keep in mind the peculiarities of the landscape. Trees, flowerbeds, bushes etc. should match the color you are going to use. Tall trees standing close to each other can hide the house behind and bring all your work to naught. They will also cast shadow on the house making it look darker.

Q:What opportunities are typically missed when homeowners are choosing new color scheme for their houses?

A: Well, actually color is the most sufficient way to create a great first impression. When choosing between a standard white color or something brighter and richer the decision is quite obvious.

Architectural detailing is another great thing that should not be missed - accentuate certain parts of your house and make them harmoniously fit the chosen color score. It will look brilliant then.

A lot of great ideas can be taken from other houses. Don't miss such an opportunity to get inspiration, make a small tour around different good neighborhoods and see what looks fine - maybe you will wish to have something of that kind.

Painting is really a very effective way to change the look of your house without doing any reconstruction works. Mark you entry with a welcoming and nice color.

Another good opportunity to make your house look unique is windows painting. Outline them, make them look perfect and it will totally change the whole house appearance.

Q: What should a homeowner do it order to avoid disappointment after painting in future?

A: The best solution here is to choose only those colors that do not fade or change. There are some parts of a house that are under constant influence of atmosphere, sun etc. like bricks, stone and rooftop. For instance, if you want to have your roofing shingles painted in charcoal grey you need to know that the roof will obtain gray-blue or gray-green hues.

It is not enough to check color samples indoors, in a store, for example. We suggest taking them outside so that you could see it under natural light and at different angles. It would be just great if there is an opportunity to take such a sample and to examine it at different times of the day. Also you could check different types of colors - trim, accent and bodies - and to see what they look like.

As we have already mentioned it's extremely important to consider the environmental factors, in particular the influence of sun. At short - choose bright colors for sunny areas and more moderate hues.

Q: Are there any standard techniques for selecting proper colors for exterior painting?

A: The general rules concerning colors can be applied to house painting. For instance, neutral or white color will make a house look bigger while the lot will seem smaller, while dark colors do the opposite. The first option ideally suits situations when there is a large house with a relatively small lot.

To be on the safe side it makes sense choosing two colors or hues from the same color strip and adding some shades from there. In such a case you may take one same color for both trim and body applying a lighter shade to, let's say, trim and the darker one to the body. The door could be accentuated by a contrasting color and lighter shades will make the porch look more "welcoming".

If you want to make your house look a bit shorter - choose a darker, deeper tint comparing to the bottom. Same advice could be given to those who have small lots or immature landscape around. And vice versa - a darker tone of the lower part of the house make it look taller.

Windowsills could be painted in white or any other light color in order to reflect the sunlight. Keep in mind, that light colors put object forward in space, while dark shades put it away. Thus use the light tones to make your house look closer to the curb.

One is advised to treat accent colors very carefully.

Q: Why people often prefer light tones (and especially white color)?

A: Undoubtedly, white is the safest color and actually light tints are known to be the most versatile. Anyway, nowadays homeowners feel more confident about colors and start selecting solution from broader palette. The main trend now is that consumers more and more often prefer various neutral tones that make look surrounding landscape look much more attractive, not only white or light colors.