Painting & Remodeling & Renewal

When hiring a painter.

The following tips will help you find the best painting contractor for your house.

Painting is a great part of any house renovation and probably the most popular one. There are many companies and individuals offering painting services and we will try to help you make the right choice.

We have prepared some recommendations that can be helpful in your search of a good specialist:


Don't hesitate to ask how long the business experience of a painter is. Two years in the necessary minimum.

An employee or a subcontractor. Does the painter work himself or acts a subcontractor hiring employees to perform your task? In the second case please make sure that the hired people are contractor's direct employees and that the contractor's insurance cover their work. In case if the hired employees are subcontractors as well they should have their own insurance policies or the contractor you sign a contract with should provide the necessary proof of insurance regarding all businesses of all subcontractors involved.

Legal Licensing.

Another important thing is licensing. In some states a painting contractor must have a proper license which protects both employees and customers and proves that this person is a trustworthy partner. It is a very important thing to check. If a contractor works absolutely legally and transparently we or she will present the licenses without any problems.


Before painting the specialists need to prepare the area they will be working in. Be attentive here and do not let a contractor cut corners and save money on preparations. They should provide proper level of safety to the furniture, your home equipment, surroundings etc. depending on where exactly they will paint. Discuss this stage beforehand so that there was no misunderstanding or miscommunication between the contractor and you.


Don't neglect references. If a contractor provides them - feel free to call or even come to those people and see everything personally.


Does the contractor look confident when it comes to discussing technical aspects of the work to be done? I.e. when you ask him about the materials or techniques? A good painter will also have some suggestions concerning colors, finishes and materials even if you have already chosen something particular.

Formal estimate.

A good contract with clearly stated pricing is incredibly significant. All the materials and all types of work should be included there in details. Don't accept any estimates on a piece of paper with handwriting and insist on making a formal looking contract with the cost sheet included.


All professionals always offer guarantee for their work since they highly value their reputation. We would even suggest that you ask for a written warranty for all stages of work - from preparation to the finishing.


Actually, this point is probably the most important for customers and the most difficult one too. Keep in mind that low price and professional quality are hardly compatible. Skilled and experienced specialists always ask for their work decent money, but they can guarantee the needed result. There is no sense in choosing lower bid because such decisions often bring very negative consequences like remaking everything with another painter and losing much more money. Finally, if you are sure that you have found the best contractor for this job, but the cost seems to be too high, you may try to negotiate, it often works!

Three bids are a minimum. It would be a great idea to prepare a list of questions and send it to at least three contractors. When you receive their quotations examine them carefully. The prices should be on more or less same level. If a bid looks to cheap or too expensive it is probably not the best option to choose.