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Hiring Painting

The following tips will help you find the best painting contractor for your house.

Painting is a great part of any house renovation and probably the most popular one. There are many companies and individuals offering painting services and we will try to help you make the right choice.

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Exterior Painting Tips: Advice on Paint Colors

Q: Which mistakes homeowners typically make selecting the exterior paint colors?

A: They think that an imaginative and bright color score can cost them a fortune. Of course, it can be so if you wish to have a "painted lady" consisting of really large number of colors, however that's hardly the true.

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Interior Painting Tips: Choosing Paint Colors.

Your time is valuable. Why not hire a professional painter for your next project?

If you feel not very confident with colors, but you would like to learn more about them - enjoy the recommendations given by true experts! Below you will find a whole list of rules of thumb that will help you make your interior look fabulous.

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Using a professional painting contractor

Step by step

Value your time and invite a professional painter to take part in your next project!

Undoubtedly, hiring a house painter will make the renovation process much easier and will let you achieve better results. However, it is not that easy to find the right person for such a task.

We have prepared some recommendations for you that will help you make the right choice:

Don't Underestimate the Rumor Mill

When looking for a skilled painter don't hesitate to ask your neighbors, friends as well as nearest and dearest - quite often these people can tell you which painting contractors are trustworthy and which are not.

Check At Least Three Estimates From Contractors

Another great way to compare contractors is to ask them for the cost sheet and compare. If the estimates are different from each other we suggest that you contact all contractors and ask why. Maybe they haven't included something important or, on the contrary, added something you do not actually need.

Meet Each Candidate Personally

Below is the list of questions that you could ask when meeting a painting contractor in person:

Be Precise and Stick to the Point

It would be reasonable to clearly explain your vision of the needed result. Take a contractor to a walk around the area he or she will be working in and discuss each and every aspect that can have any influence on the price. Be as specific as possible especially when it comes to the finishes and colors.

Be Attentive To The Contactor's Behavior

During a personal meeting it's also worth paying attention to the following things:

Check References

Three references from past clients are the minimum you need to ask from a contractor. It would be great if there is an opportunity to visit these people or companies and to check if the work was done properly and timely.

Review the Contract

After a contractor is chosen you may ask for a contract, but please read it carefully before signing. Don't hesitate to ask any questions regarding this important document - as a customer you have the right to clarify everything you need:

These easy steps will help you hire the right painting contractor and get the needed result!